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AMX: Amsterdam Midkap Index

The Amsterdam Midkap Index, also known as the AMX, is a stock market index in the Netherlands. It represents a selection of mid-sized Dutch companies that play a crucial role in the country's economy. As a reflection of the broader market, the AMX offers investors and traders valuable insight into the performance of this particular category of stocks.

What is the AMX?

The AMX is a stock index compiled by Euronext Amsterdam, the main stock exchange in the Netherlands. The index represents the performance of the 25 most traded Dutch stocks outside the AEX index. These shares have an average market capitalization higher than that of shares in the AScX index but lower than the AEX index.

The AMX is, after the AEX, an important indicator of the Dutch stock market and is considered a barometer of the performance of mid-sized Dutch companies. It offers investors and analysts insight into the performance of this specific category of stocks and can help inform investment decisions.

Funds covered by the AMX

The AMX index consists of 25 stocks, but its composition can change periodically based on various criteria, such as market capitalization and trading volume. Here are some examples of well-known funds covered by the AMX:

  1. Just Eat Takeaway: a leading global online meal delivery platform that allows customers to easily order dishes from local restaurants and popular chains, all through an easy-to-use app or website.

  2. Galapagos: a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of new drugs. The company is primarily engaged in research into treatments for serious diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and cystic fibrosis.

  3. Aperam: a producer of stainless steel and special alloys. The company supplies products to various industries, including automotive, energy, and construction.

  4. Boskalis: an international maritime services company. The company offers services in the areas of dredging, marine transportation, and maritime infrastructure.

  5. Flow Traders: a technology-driven trading company specializing in trading exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other financial instruments.

These are just a few examples of funds covered by the AMX. Other well-known names include OCI, Van Lanschiot Kempen, SBM Offshore, and Vopak. The composition of the AMX may change over time depending on the performance and market value of individual funds.


The AMX is an important stock index in the Netherlands that represents the performance of mid-sized Dutch companies. It offers investors insight into the performance of this specific category of stocks and can help in making investment decisions. With 25 funds covered by the AMX, including well-known names such as Basic Fit, Galapagos, Aperam, Aalberts, and Flow Traders, the index represents a wide range of sectors and industries. 

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