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Trading Software

The perfect software for investing anywhere

At the office, while waiting, at home, while lazing in bed at the weekend or in the garden. Investing can literally be done at all times. Why then should you be tied in to classic investment programs and brokers who don't provide you with flexible solutions?

Yelza stands for possibilities and accessibility. This is also reflected in our investment software. Flexible, effective and efficient: just like you.

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What options does Yelza offer?

Mobile investment app: mobile investing anytime, anywhere

Yelza is, among other things, for very fast, digital trading minds who want to trade anywhere and at any time. With our unique, modern app, Yelza offers everything for trading on the go. Of course, anyone who wants to jump into the stock exchange with Yelza will have access to this application. You are in charge: wherever, whenever and however you want!

Curious about mobile investing?

Get to know Yelza's investment app here!

Trader Workstation (TWS): for delving in

Yelza is also the optimal platform for in-depth information on the stock exchange. For anyone who wants to take time to go through all the advanced options, or want access to dozens of order types or, for example, the depth book, which helps you to get the highest chance of profit.

The Trader Work Station offers you various trading tools. Whatever kind of trader you are and whatever products you invest in, our toolbox is the basis for the stock market.

View the Trading Tools of the TWS here. 


API Solutions

API solutions: for the clever investor who wants optimal freedom

For anyone who is not satisfied with the standard menu. Check price data, news, place orders and link systems together the way you envision it. You can use your own trading applications of your choice with Yelza's API solutions.


View Yelza's API options here.