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Trading platform

Invest yourself, use trading tools and professional support?
It's all possible on one platform.

Yelza has a platform available for every investor.

The award-winning TWS trading platform, client portal and Yelza app.

The award-winning TWS trading platform is known for its ease of use, stability and technical superiority. It has been developed by IBKR in collaboration with professional traders, in order to offer you the optimal software. The TWS platform has everything for the serious investor. With the trading platform you can trade shares, options, futures, currencies, ETFs, and bonds all from one trading account. And you can do that on 150 markets and stock exchanges around the world. Whether you are a novice investor or an advanced trader, we have a platform for you. With the trading platform you transmit your purchase and sale orders to the stock exchange, but you also manage your securities account and analyse shares, funds and financial markets. In addition, you can of course also use the extensive trading tools and algorithms.

As a tech broker, Yelza will play a major role in shaping the digitization of the financial sector. Do you also want to use the award-winning TWS platform? Open an account immediately and start trading.

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