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Yelza was founded because we realised that there is a huge need for an investment partner who offers customer service and successful strategies in an open and accessible way. Regardless of the stock market climate, we assist our clients with the right tools and strategies that can deliver the right return in every situation. All this through a customer-friendly trading platform that carries out your transactions securely at low costs.

Yelza share offering

We offer you a unique opportunity to invest early in an innovative FinTech Broker. We are going to shake up the financial world, trading becomes as easy as using Facebook. Yelza is working on access to all financial markets; indices, currencies, shares, options, funds, etc etc. Estimated revenues that can be achieved with our website and apps run into the tens of millions of euro per year.


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As an early adopter we are now giving you the unique opportunity to buy permanent certificates of Yelza shares. You can now purchase the cumulative preference shares. The issue price is set at €8.00.


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