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Yelza Investment app

Yelza's investment app: always and everywhere active on the stock exchange

The app with which Yelza distinguishes itself is intuitive, modern, advanced and yet understandable. We've worked hard to make this app the flagship of our investment vision. And we are proud of the result!

Yelza is the basis for very fast, digital trading minds who want to trade anywhere, anytime. With our unique, modern app, Yelza offers everything for trading on the go. Of course, anyone who wants to jump towards the stock exchange with Yelza will have access to this application. You are in charge: wherever, whenever and however you want!

Want to earn a living with investing anytime, anywhere? Our app shows you the way. Trading with options on the train, selling futures in the sports canteen, making money on shares in bed or trading currency (forex) in a lazy garden chair. Check the prices and charts, find new opportunities, track your orders and entire portfolio or compile a watch list. No matter how experienced (or not!) you are: our app is the hub.

Advantages of the Yelza Investment App

  • User-friendly operation
  • View real-time prices and charts
  • Simply turn algorithms on and off
  • Easy trading in stocks, options, futures & currencies
  • Track your portfolio, orders and pending positions in real time

Yelza Investment app on all devices

Layout of the app

In the corresponding tab with your Account you can view your current trading account at any time. Under Portfolio you can quickly see how your securities are doing. Losses or gains, market prices, changes, all sorted the way you want it. Stay up to date with the latest trading News. Through our app you can read the accompanying articles and talk about everything! Orders & Trades provides insight into which orders are currently open. All related details can also be found here.

What opportunities are there in the market? Set the desired parameters and you save a lot of time and money by letting the automatic Market Scanner do its job. You can be alerted when interesting effects become active via the Alerts tab. Do you want to keep an eye on one or more securities specifically? Then set it to a Watch List and keep a close eye on it. Completely customisable to your liking, with your interests and criteria.

In addition, there are so many other possibilities with the app. So don't wait any longer!

The app works in combination with a Yelza securities account. Open this account here now!