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A business of trust

The basis of any economy is trust. Trust in knowing that your money is safely and kept safe from unauthorised parties. At Yelza, we do everything we can, together with partners, to protect your assets. Because investing with peace of mind is only possible if you know that you and your capital are safe.

We work together with Interactive Brokers. We also use this party, for example, if you would like to transfer a portfolio. This reliable American party is a household name in the investment world. It is not for nothing that Interactive Brokers is known as The Professional's Gateway to the World's Markets at low cost.

Secured access

As a professional investment partner, UAB Yelza guarantees an extremely high degree of security. All Yelza companies are completely owned by UAB Yelza. UAB Yelza is registered with the registru centras (SECR) in Lithuania with company number 305939408. UAB Yelza has made an authorized and regulated application with the Central Bank of Lithuania, which cooperates with the European Central Bank. Yelza B.V. is a Dutch company and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 87485397.

The Yelza investment app and platform are only accessible after two-step verification and with a security card. If desired, you can also set that only predetermined IP addresses are allowed to log in. This means that access remains exclusively for authorised parties: you. Furthermore, the securities account with which you invest is linked to a contra account verified by you. That is the only way to get money to another account.

Guarantee system

Interactive Brokers is a highly valued and reliable partner of Yelza, which we have chosen partly because of the very stable financial basis of this party. In the very unlikely event that the financial position of Interactive Brokers would turn negative, for example into bankruptcy, the Investor Compensation Scheme of Ireland will come into effect. This means that 90 percent of your loss will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 20,000 euros.

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