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Low costs are your first profit

We offer low and transparent rates in combination with very fast processing.

Minimum deposit

You can already open a sole or joint account with Yelza with a minimum deposit of €2500.

Other costs

There is no such thing as free. But at Yelza the rates are low and transparent.

Increase your returns Increase your returns

Watch your wealth grow with Yelza's fruitful formulas! Beat inflation and put an end to low savings rates. We really make your money work for you!

Safe and reliable Safe and reliable

Your capital is safe with us, as is your data. You can be sure of your business with our secured app, our watertight platform and our reliable partners.

Very easy to use Very easy to use

We offer an intuitive suite of very easy-to-use financial tools. And if you ever unexpectedly find yourself stuck somewhere, help is at hand!

Entirely on autopilot Entirely on autopilot

You can even trade automatically with us. This means that the best investment tools, together with very clever algorithms, get to work for you on the stock market.

More personal and professional More personal and professional

We do not see our service as a must! We assist you from early to late with pleasure and pride. Our specialists are available every day.

Qualified support Qualified support

Yelza is very proud of the experienced team. We work exclusively with stock market professionals, price experts and top analysts.

Yelza for low and transparent rates

Rates overview Netherlands
Shares from

6.00 EUR

Options from

1.00 EUR

Futures from

3.50 EUR

Rates overview United States
US shares from ­

6.00 USD

US options from

2.50 USD

US futures from

5.00 USD