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Open a business investment account with Yelza

You are also very welcome at Yelza as a business customer! When you open a business account with us, you become fully equipped and at home in all markets. Also as a professional. With even more advanced platforms, even lower transaction costs and professionals who can assist you at every level. We are here for you.

Open a business account here

You are welcome to open a business investment account with Yelza. With this professional securities account from Yelza, you are assured of the best rates, the best conditions and the most knowledgeable partners.

You can open a securities account with Yelza if you are designated as a professional investor by the MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). There are several criteria that a professional investor must meet:

  • You own a portfolio of financial instruments worth EUR 500,000 (or more). This also includes cash.
  • You have at least one year of experience working in the financial sector. In addition, you have acted professionally as an individual account holder of an organisation account.
  • In the last four quarters you have made an average of at least 10 transactions per quarter with a considerable size. This size is considered relevant if there were at least forty transactions in the last 4 quarters, with at least one transaction per quarter. These transactions added together must have a minimum value of EUR 200,000, with a net asset value of at least EUR 50,000 in the account.

You can, for example, invest through a private limited company via a Yelza professional account. Are you demonstrably a professional investor and would you like to open a business account? Please contact us at or +31(0)20 – 2480284. You can also fill in the form below. We will then take a look with you and are happy to help you!

The advantages of a business Yelza account

With a fantastic, wide range of markets and instruments, a Yelza company account offers everything the professional investor wants. A reliable platform, a handy app or an almost infinite number of financial instruments.

In addition, with our low rates (options from 79 cents, forex fees of only 0.4 basis points) and free dividend payment, we also ensure that Yelza is the perfect trading partner for everyone.

Fast service, personal guidance and an extensive range of knowledge content. How professionally do you want to act? We are here for you!