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Discover our cheap rates

At Yelza, we understand that low costs form the foundation of your initial gains. That's why we've focused on providing rates that are not only attractive but also entirely transparent. We believe that financial freedom should be within reach, which is why we've designed our fee structure to offer you the best possible trading experience, coupled with lightning-fast executions.

Getting Started easily

Opening an account with Yelza is simple and accessible. Whether you want to open an individual account or share a joint account, we welcome you with a minimum deposit of just €2500. We believe in making investing accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Transparency in Rates

At Yelza, we believe in honesty and clarity when it comes to costs. Free might not exist, but our rates are low and completely transparent. We ensure you know exactly what to expect, so you can trade and invest with confidence.

Our Global Rates

Below is an overview of our rates for both the Netherlands and the United States:

Rates for the Netherlands:

Stocks starting from: €6.00 EUR

Options starting from: €1.00 EUR

Futures starting from: €3.50 EUR

Rates for the United States:

US Stocks starting from: $6.00 USD

US Options starting from: $2.50 USD

US Futures starting from: $5.00 USD

At Yelza, we believe in the potential of every investor. Our competitive rates are designed to support you as you pursue your financial goals. Discover the world of investing with confidence - choose Yelza.

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