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Trade on 150 exchanges, worldwide!

With Yelza in hand, you invest at home and abroad! Across over 150 markets worldwide, our platform provides opportunities to make profits. In options, stocks, futures... the possibilities are endless and boundless. Gold in one country, currency in another, and commodities in the neighboring country? Just name it. Yelza is ready!


Global market access

On an intuitive and cost-effective platform, offering all imaginable trading products, with access to 150 exchanges worldwide.

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Yelza offers: 

  • Stocks
  • CFD's
  • CFD-products
  • ETF's
  • Funds
  • Futures
  • Structured products¬†
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Obligations
  • Options
  • Currencies
  • Warrants

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