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Investor platform Yelza is happy to help you on your way

When you invest, you need to rely on your broker to provide you with optimal assistance. In that case, Yelza is the best choice. We are not only a functional investment platform, but offer a wide choice of products and provide excellent service. And all this against very attractive rates.

Why Yelza?

  • Managed by a team of exchange professionals
  • A very wide choice from 150 global markets
  • Various investment options: independently, with support or automatically
  • Thanks to our efficient approach, we keep the rates low

Join now. We are here for you, from A to Z.

Invest when and where you want. Together we head for success! With Yelza you are assured of the best choices on the trading market. Driven by professionals who apply the smartest strategies with high accuracy, from algorithms to experience, giving you the very best opportunities on the market. We trade in your best interest. Because a beautiful result is what we all want!

Open an account and get access to all the unique content and programmes we offer to our partners.

  • Trade pre-market and after-market
  • Always the best price for your shares with SMART Order Routing
  • Get access to 150 stock exchanges in more than 30 countries
  • The lowest rates: Dutch shares (from 6 euro) and American shares (from 5 dollars)!

However active you want to be on the stock exchange: go for Yelza!

Your first gain: low rates!

At Yelza, we believe in open and transparent trading. Confidence is one of the most important tools for investors. That is why we are always open about our rates. With us, you are assured of the lowest rates for trading.

Very reasonable compensation

The total package you receive from Yelza contains everything you need to invest. From educational content to a smoothly working platform - we have all the tools to make you a successful investor! For this package we charge a fee of a maximum of EUR 5 per month if you invest with portfolios below EUR 100,000. Above this level, you pay nothing! This is also the case in the first three months after your first deposit when you become a new customer. Moreover, the fee is directly deducted from your transaction costs, so if you have more than 5 euro in transaction costs, you do not pay us a fee.

Transaction costs

We are also very open about our transaction costs.

  • Europese futures: 3,50 euro
  • Amerikaanse futures: 3,50 dollar
  • Shares in the Netherlands: 0.06%, with a minimum of 6.00 euro
  • Shares United States: from $0.01 per share, with a minimum of $5.00
  • European ETFs: 0.09%, with a minimum of EUR 6.00
  • Dutch index options: 2.50 euro
  • Dutch stock options: 1.50 euro
  • United States options: $2.50
  • European futures: 3.50 euro
  • United States futures: $3.50

In addition, we offer an advantage when you invest a lot. You can simply send us an email at, and we will be happy to take a look at your plans. You are the most valuable to us as a customer if you are satisfied!

Seemour rates
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How does Yelza manage to be so affordable?

We work exclusively digitally and keep up with all the new trends. Trading on the stock market is often associated with emotion, but it is actually a matter of intelligence. And although we have a lot of bright minds walking around, part of our work is also done by very well-trained algorithms. These algorithms meticulously read the stock market every second, and identify and predict trends. This can give a substantial profit in both rising and falling markets.

UAB Yelza has made an authorized and regulated application to the Central Bank of Lithuania, which collaborates with the European Central Bank. We will open a trading account on your behalf. This gives you access to the trading platform.

Contact us!

We are available - both physically and digitally. You can drop by or send mail to this address, or of course you can also call or email us:

UAB Yelza 
Konstitucijos av. 21
VILNIUS, LT-08130, Lithuania
Our phone number is +31(0)20 – 2480284