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Invest whenever you want, wherever you want. Join Yelza for success!

Welcome at Yelza, where service, succes and simplicity come together

Yelza makes investing easy and successful. With our core values of service, return, and user-friendliness, we guide you on your journey towards financial success. Welcome to Yelza, where investing becomes effortless.

Customer-oriented Customer-oriented

We help our clients individually with applications and transactions.

Tradingtools Tradingtools

Use our tradingtools to substantiate decisions and to optimize your results.

User friendly User friendly

Our app gives simple insights and helps you take and track your positions safely and easily.


Trading software to stimulate your growth

The perfect software to invest anywhere

At the office, while waiting, at home, lying in bed during the weekend, or in the garden. Investing can literally be done anytime. So why would you want to be tied to traditional investment programs and brokers that don't offer flexible solutions? Yelza stands for possibilities and accessibility. This is also reflected in our investment software. Flexible, effective, and efficient: just like you.

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Discover the power of the Yelza trading application: your window to seamless and successful investing. With intuitive navigation and real-time data, our app provides a direct connection to the financial markets, no matter where you are. Trade on your own terms, with advanced tools and analyses at your fingertips. Maximum flexibility, direct access, and the ability to boost your returns – that's what sets apart the Yelza trading app. Take control of your investments and seize opportunities in a way that suits you.

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Yelza app

API solutions: for the smart investor seeking optimal freedom. For everyone who isn't satisfied with the standard menu. View price data, news, place orders, and integrate systems in the way you envision. You can use your preferred trading applications with Yelza's API solutions.

Ready for the next step?

With Yelza, you can do more than just invest in stocks. With our wide range of investment products, you can implement virtually any trading strategy, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities in every market situation.

Our team

Meet the team of experts at Yelza. We pride ourselves on our customer-centric services, advanced trading tools, and providing a user-friendly experience.

Our dedicated team combines various skills and experiences to assist you in achieving your financial goals. Whether you want to utilize trading tools or are looking for clear customer support, we strive to deliver an optimal investment experience.


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